Frequently Asked Questions


Face recognition is a biological characteristics recognition technology, using the inherent physiological features of humans for ID recognition. The technology does not need to be carried about and will not be lost, so it is convenient and safe for use. The basic principle of Hanvon face recognition includes:
Face recognition is the most natural biological features recognition technology; its algorithm is ten times more complex than a fingerprint algorithm. Face recognition is featured by the following advantages compared to fingerprint:
Accurate and Fast Identification:
  • Industrial Leading “Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm, match more data than fingerprint, FAR<0.0001%
  • 1:Many up to 1400 users less than 1 second.
High Usability and Security:
  • Failure to enroll and acquire rate is less than 0.0001%, fingerprint technology will have problems for enrollment with cold, wet, desquamation, elder, around 5% people can not get enrolled with fingerprint technology.
  • Incident trackable for security with photo which captured by camera, there is no evidence with fingerprint technology to track the incident.
User friendly design:
  • Contactless authentication for the ultimate in hygienic.
To differentiate between twins is generally difficult with face recognition; however, our Dual Sensor ”®V2.0” face recognition algorithm can differentiate some twins, the differentiate rate is 80% based on 15 twins templates.
No, they won’t. Our product has the unique live face detection function; nonliving objects, such as pictures, head models and waxworks, would not cause recognition error.
The security performance of key and card is far less than that of biological features recognition. The average error rate is only 1 in ten thousand. So if there is a difficulty or error for one person recognition, you can register again or activate the face contrasting function.
Up to 18 face templates can be supported by one person to include more postures information and to enhance the face recognition ability.
The height range and comfort of users must be considered in face recognition technology. For this reason, Hanvon developed the unique 53° slope structure, which could expand the height range of the product to 50cm as well as ensure a comfortable cervical vertebrae curve angel. The product is suitable for people between 1.45m and 1.95m. In cases of special usage (such as in kindergarten), the overall height of product installation could be lowered accordingly.
The product can be used indoors in surroundings such as offices. It can be used in 0 50000 Lux (unit of luminance) and will not be affected by ambient light.
The face should be 30 – 80 cm from the product.
No. The product uses flash memory and a SD card to store data.
Yes, it supports TCP/IP and WAN (please contact the network administrator for the correct network configuration).
  1. Keep head low naturally, and the face parallel to the screen; Distance at 30 centimeter to 80 centimeter between face and screen required;
  2. During the enrollment, please show your face in the middle of the screen according to the guide on the screen like turn head to left or right side, or raise and lower head slightly, so that the every part of your facial character will be acquired by the sensor;
  3. When the white dashed frame appears, it means your face can’t be detected by the system, please adjust your face expression and position;
  4. The green line frame will display if the device detects your face successfully;
  5. Below conditions are preferred: indoor use, normal face expression;
  6. Below conditions are forbidden: direct sunshine, wear Sunglasses;
  7. When you are wearing glass, please take off your glass/specs after the half enrollment process then continue the second half enrollment.

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